F I C T I O N I S T A .

F I C T I O N I S T A .

Fictionista (n.)

A Fictionista is someone who is so infatuated with books and the beautiful release from reality that they give.

A Fictionista appreciates the beauty of a sweet lie that loudly resonates with every truth she or he has ever known.

A Fictionista can have a never-ending roller-coaster of emotions while reading a book, yet read it over and over again for simply the opportunity to feel.

A Fictionista dies a little each time they finish a new book.

A Fictionista may suffer from a nagging sense of escapism; something so soft and beautiful that they fail to acknowledge the strange looks they receive while holding in tears as they read, say, “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green on the local subway. Here they are, surrounded by people with endless stories and backgrounds, and all they are focusing on is how insanely beautiful Augustus Waters is and how they refuse to acknowledge the irrefutable fate that will become of him and the empathetic-yet-realistic Hazel Grace Lancaster.

A Fictionista believes in love, for simply the hope of having a love so strong as Ron and Hermionie’s. She (or he) believes in the beauty of the world, if they can look past the book pressed to their noses.

A Fictionista is all of these things. And I am a very proud Fictionista.

Welcome to my blog, where I will show you my books and art and music and stories on life, and maybe, just maybe, on how to master the art of the Fictionista.


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