Left VS Right

Left VS Right

Left or Right.
What side are you?

Your brain is basically split into two halves–left and right. People who use the left side of their brain tend to be more realistic and math or science orientated people who love order and logic.

However, people who use their right side more are artists and free-spirits who are creative and imaginative.

After learning this I thought about which “side” I am. I came to the conclusion that I am an Endless Contradiction. I love art and music and tend to be very creative. But I also love order, and certainty, and control. I hate not knowing things, but I love creating the unknown.

Some people like to categorize; they are either Left or Right, no in-between.

I am not some people.

I am art.
I am music.
I am words.
I am organized.
I am logical.
I am realistic.
I am a dreamer.
And I am Controlled Chaos.

What side are you?


Photo cred: http://plentyofcolour.com/2011/02/22/left-brain-vs-right-brain/


2 thoughts on “Left VS Right

  1. I don’t think you’re alone. I’m a creative person, and I love imagination, but I’m also a perfectionist with some organization/OCD tendencies. I would bet most people have a little of both halves of the brain in them.

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