Never Settle for Comfort

Never Settle for Comfort

It is impossible to say that you have never thought, “if only I was..” or “if only I had..” or anything along those lines. It’s human nature to want perfection, because it’s something we will never have. We long for what is unattainable.

Of course, there are some who eventually reach a level of self-actualization and become comfortable in their own skin. They know their vices and virtues and embrace each to the fullest.

Which brings me to this: A lot of people don’t like Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”. Maybe because it’s so violent, and there isn’t that cookie-cutter happy ending that one would find in a Disney movie.

I, however, disagree, and it is mainly because of this quote. Imagine this: you have a choice. Complete perfection, or the imperfect life you currently live. What would you choose? John was the first one in BNW to admit fully that he would rather live with danger and sin and complete freedom than live life completely comfortable, a life without any purpose. And he was okay with that. Bernard kind of did that at the beginning, but we all know how that ended up during the middle of the book. To me, Bernard represents me. I want so bad to be myself, but I’m afraid of what people might think. And John. Well, John represents what we all want to be, which is someone who has reached the highest level of self-actualization.

I think as much as we strive to fit in, we also have that tiny little voice saying, “stand out.” We have a need to be ourselves, but we are too scared to actually be comfortable in our own skin.

So this is my challenge, not only to whoever is reading this but to myself as well:
Don’t settle for “comfort”. Be yourself, whoever you are, whoever you want to be. I know this is corny–I don’t care, I feel like it hasn’t been said enough–but you are Amazing and Beautiful and Wonderful and any other Adjective with a capital A that you want to be.

And I’m not just a third party person with no say in the matter. I’m a person who knows that people can be mean and cruel and downright evil.

…But I also know that people can be good. And you should too.


PS: If you haven’t read BNW go to your library and get it NOW. You will be confused and angry and weirded out and, most importantly, you will think. I believe that is the greatest thing a book can ever do.
PPS: Watson is awesome.


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