14 Books To Read Before They Hit The Big Screen

14 Books To Read Before They Hit The Big Screen

This is a link to a list of 14 books that are going to be made into movies, and it’s quite possible I screamed like a little girl when I read some of them and figured you guys might enjoy the suspense with me! So I’m just going to list my top 5 favorites out of the 14, let me know which ones you guys are most excited for! 🙂

1) “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green
I literally screamed when I got to this one. Like, loudly. I absolutely LOVE all of John Green’s works, TFIOS being my favorite. If you haven’t read it before, get prepared for the waterworks. It is a cancer story that is a self-proclaimed not-cancer story, thrown in with a little bit of romance and an ending that will make you want to throw the book at a wall, repeatedly. So basically it’s an emotional roller-coaster. And it’s being made into a MOVIE. The release date isn’t out yet; heck, there aren’t any promo-pics yet either! But still, I would keep your eyes out for this one. And if you haven’t read it yet, go buy it. Right now.

2) “Divergent” by Veronica Roth
So if you haven’t heard, there seems to be a theme among YA book-lovers nowadays, and that theme is DYSTOPIAN NOVELS! Dystopian novels have been around for a while, but ever since “The Hunger Games” it seems like every YA lover can’t get enough of it! “Divergent” is about a dystopian society set in Chicago, USA where everyone is separated into five factions. There is, of course, a heroine and a love interest but the themes lying underneath are much more intense, such as the difficulties of choosing what’s best for you even if it means distancing yourself from the ones you love, selflessness, bravery, society’s definition of the two previous, and the double-edged sword called CONTROL. This is actually a series, the second is “Insurgent” and the third book “Allegiant” will be released this October. However, there are a lot of people and history going on in these books and I think it would be best if you read “Divergent” before going to see it.

3) “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card
Ok, I was totally confused when I saw that “Ender’s Game” was becoming a movie mainly because, you know, it was published in 1985. But still, it is a really good book that focuses on kids kicking some alien butt. It’s a quick read, but trust me you will be engrossed in it. I’m a little nervous to see how they put it into movie-form though, mainly because the trailer looked kind of over-the-top-effects if you get what I mean. If you haven’t read the book though, you definitely should, even if you don’t see the movie.

4) “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner
So this is, yet again, another dystopian society! Yay! Basically these boys are all thrown into this maze. There is no way out but to go through the maze which holds giant monster creatures that will (and did) eat them. They have no memory of anything besides that moment when they are thrown into the maze, too, so they have literally no clue what is going on. This is also a series of three books, plus one prequel that was released in August of last year. I’ve only recently read “The Maze Runner” but I am very excited to continue this series and I highly recommend you read the book and see the movie.

5) “The Book Theif” by Markus Zusak
I just want to preface this by saying that I absolutely LOVE “The Book Theif” and I’ve read it about five times and the margins are all scribbled in and you will be sucked into this historical fiction. Okay, now that I got some of my fan-girling out, TBT is a book about a young girl named Liesel in Nazi Germany. Do not be deceived by the young heroine, though. This is not a book for little kids. The story is told through the perspective of Death–yes, Death–and it is an amusing book for a little, with the strange dynamics between Liesel and her foster parents and the other children on the street, but it also deals with themes such as abandonment, love, orphans of war, and loss. I recommend this book to just about anyone I meet that will listen to me. I am a bit scared to see how they incorporate Death into the movie, seeing as it takes on an almost human-like persona as it narrates Liesel’s story, but nevertheless I think it would be a great movie.

So that’s my top 5! Of course there are 9 other books on the list that are very good, but these five were the ones that have me bouncing-in-my-seat-about-to-explode-from-apprehension-excited. So go to the link above and let me know which ones you’re most excited for! 🙂



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